Diving Websites

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Asian Diver - Diving Magazine. Published every two months.

Asia Dive Site - Diving in the Philippines.

Dive Site Directory - Scuba Diving in the Philippines.

Eternal Reefs - Your final resting place on the sea floor - actually not
a bad way to go! Those who want to make themselves useful to the
environment even after they have shuffled off this mortal coil can have
their ashes mixed with concrete and shaped into a porous hemisphere.
This then becomes part of a new, artificial reef.

Fishbase - Here you'll find 28,300 species, 79,000 synonyms, 178,400
common names, 35,500 pictures of fish, fish, fish. This has to be the
essential resource for anyone who wants to know what's swimming in the
rivers, lakes and seas of this planet.

Greatest Dive Sites Philippines

Pacific Wrecks Database - The Pacific Wreck Database (PWD) is a free,
non-profit website compiles the work of veterans, authors, travelers and
visitors from around the world, as well as and anyone with knowledge to
share on this topic.

PADI - Website of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.
Information on dive centers & resorts worldwide.

Queen Anne Divers - Colorful underwater impressions (click 'Picture/Clips Shop').

Scubadoc's Diving Medicine Online - Ask Diving Medicine Online's
online physicians about your diving medical concerns.

ScubaGlobe - Diving magazine (Asia Pacific).

The Esperanza Project - Between 1565 and 1815 a significant proportion
of the fabulous riches of the Far East found their way to Europe via the
Manila Galleons. These ancient 'Castles of the Sea' are ranked amongst the
richest treasure ships ever to sail the Seven Seas. The Esperanza Project
is a search for one of these galleons.

Tubbataha.com - Philippine dive sites, dive stories, pic ot the month etc.

Underwater Philippines - Links to various groups including
environmental organisations and nature conservation projects.